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Adult Daycare Centers

Food Program Participation

Ramen Bowl

Center Eligibility Requirements

Adult Daycare Centers can participate if they are:

  • Licensed or legally exempt from licensing

  • A nonprofit center


  • A for profit center if 25% of participants receive Title XIX (Medicaid) funds

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Participant Eligibility Requirements

Adult care centers receive payments for serving nutritious meals to adults who are 60 or older, or who are physically or mentally impaired to the extent that limits their independence and ability to carry out activities of daily living.   

CACFP meals give adults the nutrition they need as a routine part of their day care program. CACFP reimbursements help to lower the cost of serving meals at centers that provide adult day care services to meet the needs of functionally impaired adults. 


Daily Tasks

Each day your center must complete the following:

  • Keep accurate attendance records

  • Complete meal counts while the seniors are eating

  • Complete food production records to show enough food was made

  • Record any menu changes

General Tso's Chicken

Monthly Tasks

Each month your center must complete the following:

  • Complete forms for new participants

    • CACFP Annual Form

    • Special Diet Statement/Milk Substitution

  • Post a dated menu

  • Submit claim information to FEEDING OUR FUTURE

  • Train new staff on the CACFP required elements and Civil Rights

Bullet Journal

Annual Tasks

Each year your center must complete the following:

  • Collect new CACFP Annaul Forms

  • Renew catering contract

  • Update purchasing procedures

  • Train staff on the CACFP required elements and civil rights

Adult Daycare Centers: Programs

Meal Patterns

Meals and Snacks Must Meet Basic Requirements

Muffins 2


All Breakfasts Must Meet the Meal Pattern Requirements to be Reimbursable

Delicious Sandwich

Lunch and Supper

All Lunches and Suppers Must Meet the Meal Pattern Requirements to be Reimbursable

Yogurt with Fruit


All Snacks Must Meet the Meal Patterns Requirements to be Reimbursable

Adult Daycare Centers: What We Do
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